5 tips to improve your Tennis Game

  1. Weight Training – To help prevent injury and enhance on-court performance weight training is PROVEN to increase all athlete. Some tennis teams even use a modified form of CrossFit to help better prepare.  In tennis you should pay extra attention to training for flexibility and strength in the shoulders to protect your rotator cuff. Yo also need to pay careful attention to your ankles. We will be writing a complete separate blog entry on this in the near future.
  2. Stretching – It’s not just about stretching BUT stretching for the needs of the sport you are in. The muscles stretch better once they are warmed up than when they are cold. Ending a session of tennis with a disciplined stretching routine will surely prevent injuries from being sustained while on the court. It’s also about having the proper support to the joints compression sleeves and insoles.
  3. Nutrition – It’s not just what you eat the day of the game that affects your performance. It’s the lifestyle of how you fuel your body that truly defines how your “machine” will perform when tested during battle on the courts. Get into this habit during the off season and find the proper balance of grain free healthy carbs, protein, and fats that gives you energy throughout the day. Avoid high energy sports drinks your body will not need them (unless you are an ultra athlete working out hard for longer than two hours) Drink water! and in the heat ensure you get enough sugar free electrolytes.
  4. Dealing with Stress – I’m sure we have all been on the courts watching a teammate play and all of the sudden they just lose it after missing a simple shot or double faulting again. Understanding how your mind deals with these moments of stress and finding the proper ways to overcome them in a healthy fashion is the difference between losing and winning in many cases.
  5. Reading & YouTube Videos – Stress is only one mental aspect of the game. Visualisation, strategy, even biographies of the best players in the history of tennis help you understand what it takes to play tennis at the top level. Self-doubt, nervousness, and even momentary lapses of concentration can also cause points to be loss. In one of our future blog entries we will highlight some of the best books & YouTube videos about the game that will help bring your game to the next level!!

Remember, you want to mimic the best players in the world to help you move to the next level.

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